Analytics and Innovation at ToolBox Solutions

Over the last several years, ToolBox Solutions has made a name for itself as the most innovative company in category management solutions with such amazing products as:

  • Loyalty Analytics – The fastest and most intuitive customer insight and loyalty analytics solution in the market.
  • ToolBox Advantage – The best solution for answering category management questions using syndicated data sources like MarketTrack and ScanTrack.  It brought automated PowerPoint presentations to the masses.
  • ToolBox Prospector – Slice and dice retailer data how you want it with blazing speed.
  • ToolBox Field CRM – A tablet-based sales representative solution to grow sales at the store level and capture in-store conditions

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of all these product teams and think that serve as a great basis for answering a key question – why do we create such fantastic products?

1)      We want to make a difference to people’s lives that are in the industry through simplifying their processes and taking advantage of the latest technology to enable that.  We are uniquely situated to excel in this area.  Our no-limits way of thinking propels us to challenge the norm and how work has been done in the past.

2)      We have extensive expertise in retailer analytics and processes having many gifted personnel from retailers, CPG companies and agencies.  This unique perspective allows us to know what is best-in-class and where to invest in to make a difference that provides a return on investment for our clients.

3)      Our development team is the best and brightest in the industry.  They make code bend to their will and create the most elegant solutions to squeeze every millisecond off of a report.  Billions of records in a database mean nothing to them.  And the user experience.  There are few better at envisioning simplicity in use.

These capabilities result in products that win in the market because they show a clear differentiation of value over existing competitive tools or internal processes.  All of these solutions are focused on providing a user an experience that is a joy to use, shows them opportunities and the ‘so what’? so they can achieve payback on their purchase.

Look for more innovation to come this year!

13 comments on “Analytics and Innovation at ToolBox Solutions

  • ToolBox has a full suite of tools that makes life easier for retailers, CPG companies, merchandisers, analysts and more. John is right in that we use every innovation possible and more to guide our users to the answers they need now.

  • I am so proud of our best in class team, our people have the passion to make sure we deliver leading edge technology with great customer care!

  • Staying ahead of the technology game is the only real way to stay in it, first there is a huge part of being successful in a field like this

  • Joe Catella says:

    At ToolBox Solutions, we are all about simplifying big data, and offering up more time for category managers to make key business decisions

  • Innovation is what brings customers. This is as good as it get when it comes to Category Management solutions

  • Simplifying the information gathering process so you can focus on actionable insights and execution is what our solutions are all about.

  • Having worked in category analysis and having to cobble together data, it’s refreshing to have tools that take on a lot of the leg work and leave you to the important task of analysis. I am proud to have been involved in the evolution of these products.

  • These tools are an exciting mix of ease of use, targeted insights and easy integration with existing processes.

  • No retail analytics solution is ever perfect. Continuous improvement based on changing retail landscape and internal/external feedback drives ToolBox Solutions services to the next level


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