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There are so many stories of customer care service failures out there that it makes you want to run and hide.  Ask what customer service is really about?  Companies that really understand exceptional customer service know that it’s more about building off of success than hurrying to put out fires.  It’s not easy, but it can be rewarding for you and your customers.  Here are some ways of turning ones success into something lasting.

1. Getting Feedback

We can easily turn someone’s day around, there’s no way we could have done it without listening to their problems.  Ask more questions.  How did the problem start? How was the issue escalated?  Then scale the issue and treat them as an opportunity rather.

2. Getting Motivated

Have team meetings with best examples of good customer service.  Making a significant difference in someone’s day isn’t easy, but it’s sure worth it when you see the results.  Sharing the win and recognizing the ‘moment of truth’ with your team is a motivator.

3. Getting Improvement

We may have failed to resolve a complaint to everyone’s satisfaction, but if we learn to improve in the future, that’s the next best thing to a win.  Improving is the one step that never stops.   Having the information to resolve customer support decisions and turning stories into opportunities the best thing yet.

Customer service success is not just a department, it’s the entire company taking part building last customer experience, and at ToolBox Solutions, we believe that’s what sets us apart from all the other companies.

3 comments on “Because We Care – Customer Care

  • Great blog. Exceptional customer service is hard to come by in this day and age. Getting Improvement is a great point, don’t repeat the same mistakes again and always move foward.

  • If other companies followed these points and had the same commitment to their clients as ToolBox has to theirs, I’m sure there would be far fewer customer service horror stories. Great job!

  • Great customer care gets to the root of the client’s issue. Often, the client may not even know what it is they are actually after. Customer Care shouldn’t seek to resolve issues, it should aim to provide solutions.


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