Driving Adoption

In a world of constantly changing technology, and the need for the next big thing, some solution providers concentrate on ‘bells and whistles’ and not aiding the user.

An analogy that I have used during my career is based on owning an automobile.  So often we are tempted to add go faster stripes, or install a body kit, when actually we should be inflating the tires and getting the car in a state to drive efficiently.  It is far ‘sexier’ to look to enhance, rather than the associated dullness of just making sure it works.  Yet a car with flat tires is not going to get you where you need to go, regardless of how fancy the paintjob is!

Using that example, what reporting solution vendors should use to ensure high levels of adoption, and ensuring that the purchaser generates the expected R.O.I.?

  1. Help me decide which report I need to browse.  This can be achieved with key insight alerts (data insights), directing me to a threat or challenge, or with a description of what each report provides.
  2. Ensure that I use the report efficiently.  It’s important that every report has documentation to support it, which navigates the user through its objective and flexibility options.
  3. Provide on-the-fly education.  When I am interacting with a report, there are so many potential facts and data points, I need the ability to click on areas of confusion, and be provided with an overview or explanation.
  4. Human interaction.  In an age where outsourcing and automation has become common place, I need a human to answer my call, and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure I leave the conversation with my challenges overcome and feeling valued.
  5. Ongoing improvement.  When I have used a report, I instantly start to create a perspective of its value and ease of use.  I need a dedicated feedback option to provide comment in order to drive improvement or ensure future consumption is easier.
  6. The bigger picture.  Assist me in understanding which reports are most popular within my team, and what insight is missing the mark.  Utilize tracking and auditing to discover user activity and then use this information to help drive adoption or make future enhancements.

In the past, so many of the above points would be considered ‘taken for granted’, however in a technology, enhancement focused environment, they are becoming harder to find.

Here at ToolBox Solutions, we pride ourselves in making our products as easy to use as possible, and then ensure that the support network surrounding them, is the best in the business.  It’s the combination of software, people and process that has seen adoption rates maximise with all of our satisfied customers.

So the next time you are navigating through a solution acquisition process, ask yourself the question…how reliable is their car?  Kick those tyres.