Planograms and Technology for Today and Tomorrow

In a previous article titled “Planograms and Technology”, it discussed what planograms are and the prevalence of retailers and vendors gaining access to up-to-date planograms with creative technology solutions. This article continues this discussion by bringing to light great new technologies that enable all parties with creative thinking for crafting new powerful web application tools.

Conferences such jQueryTO bring together bright minds who want to share their ideas, knowledge and new technology launches to the masses. I was fortunate enough to attend this event and left inspired with the new possibilities that can bring Planogramming to the forefront of web innovations.  There were presentations ranging from the science of colors on the screen, securing information transportation via encryption to JavaScript frameworks and libraries enabling taking application developments to new heights. For example, this may sound slightly technical, a JavaScript library “three.js” enables the use of computer GPUs to handle all the heavy lifting for anything graphics related.  This gives us numerous opportunities to take online planograms to the next level for today and tomorrow.

Collaborative planogramming for example will be taken to a new level through 3D visualizations via the web that can be paired with insightful consumer data to help with the decision making process. With the high levels of user interactivity, there will be frequent requests for information and frequent submission of information, all through online web services that do the work to transmit and receive the data. This will in most cases lead to requirements to secure not only the online connection but the content of what we send through the connection. CryptoJS was presented and discussed at the jQueryTO conference and is a great library to get started with encrypting the data for online transmission. Ultimately, new cutting edge solutions enabled by new ideas and new technologies will bring a much better merchandising experience for vendors and retailers to build profitable planograms by aligning both their interests and goals and by adjusting to or creating market demands for new innovations.